Do You Dream of Selling $1 Million Per Year in Professional Services in a Smart and Leveraged Way, But Earn Only < $100K and Work Long Hours…?

Thinking too small?

In professional services, you are on the hook for on-time service delivery to clients, so there’s your day gone. However, you likely have runs on the board, and you can guide clients in other ways… so have you been thinking too small?

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Growth Problem?

Digital Marketing agencies and developers may run your marketing but leave you penniless. They hand you a graphic-based website, with generic sales copy, no videos, no social proof of service, and no compelling landing pages for high-conversion advertising.

The kicker?  All risk is on you as you fork out all the money first. There is no proven marketing system. 

Mike Michaelweiz wouldn’t approve. More importantly, if you don’t market wisely, your business is constrained in growth. 


What a lot of accountants, advisors, solicitors and other professionals don’t realise when marketing… is that people want service from another Human.

And that’s why the common personality-less websites and similar click ads get nowhere. People need to know you care. You need to project your values. You need to keep in touch.

Enter your Copywriting Heroes to the rescue. 


The Founding Copywriter

So, who am I?

My name is Jennifer Lancaster and I’m an SEO-trained copywriter and book author. I wrote the book ‘Power Marketing’, along with ‘Creative Ways with Money’.

I ranked my own website in the top 3 for self-publishing help & writing coaching across nine years. I have helped 50+ small businesses, including five different accountants, get better website copy and/or lead magnets (reports).  

Diverging, I put time into editing nonfiction books and mentoring authors. But because time is precious in life, in 2023 I returned to the most effective form of communication – sales copywriting.  

Direct Response Marketing89%
Working Shit Out 99%

Now, what about this $1 million+ a year dream of yours?

How would we (you and my team) aim for this lofty promise?

Well, let’s figure this out in a basic way for first year with this system. SKIP DOWN to the relevant example.  (Income is not guaranteed and examples are given for illustrative purposes only).

Example Marketing Systems

Financial Advisor Example

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for personal financial advisors was $94,170 in 2021. Half earned more, half earned less. You can do better on your own… or can you?

Advisor Perspectives say that 80 to 90% of financial advisors fail in the first three years!

A new marketing system is what you need when you’re growing as an advisor. Everyone sells the same old services… but there is a gap in the market for individual or investor cash-flow planning.

Selling Cash-Flow Planning is a lucrative and valued service. It affects your clients in extraordinary ways. They never could plan bills and expenses before and hated to get hit with unexpected bumps in expenses or yearly tax shocks.

You can plug in a software like Fathom Forecast to gain serious visual mapping and reporting of KPIs. The raw costing is included below.  

Regardless of your choice, the sales letter script and introduction script for any Cash-Flow Planning service that we research and write is $1,500. It will keep selling for you, as long as you like.

Put the systems together, add our 3-step LinkedIn introduction messages, and you could have a year-round sales funnel. If 80 clients are added, this is an example scenario for ONE service:

Sell Cashflow Planning. Revenue $1200 x 50 = $60,000 per year  ($8,000 per month)

LESS $5,700 annually… Fathom system ($350 = 10 customers per month) + our sales letter & messaging scripts

Leaving a Gross Profit After Sales Copy & Software of $58,150

Because it’s all systemised and explained in depth, these 80 clients are not grumblers who rob your evening hours. Bonus!

You can scale the system with further “one service offers” and landing pages.  To increase growth, plug-in creative ads to this, get a VA, and watch the calendars fill up.

financial planners marketing
marketing strategy

Accountants Example

US Accountants earn far less than their antipodean counterparts, around $70,000 in salary. Success Tax Professionals said that averaging revenue across top 100 accounting practices means that each firm earned just $257,625 per firm (2018). THAT IS PER FIRM!

To earn more, you perhaps need to provide business advisory services to higher-level clientele.

For this, you need particular BUSINESS problem-solution web pages that fills a dire need and creates an urge to  enquire for your annual Business Review & Planning package (suggest a package is circa $2,500). Notice I didn’t say accounting service pages. 

First ‘One Offer’ Campaign

Business Review package: $2,500 x 24 clients = $60,000 revenue

Less $1,500 copy and funnel cost

Less $10,000 in click advertising costs, as your ad manager is asleep at the wheel 

= Revenue of $48,500

Not too bad! But there is more in store. 

How to Upsell for Nil Extra Cost

The client said that they wanted annual advice but later you find out they need a virtual CFO. Upsell is extra profit without extra lead generation costs.  

Say the Virtual CFO service (6-7 different services) is $5,000 a year and one-quarter of clients take it up after the explainer video letter. That’s another $30,000 in revenue.

Or the Annual Tax Return service, Xero Accounts Service, etc, is taken up because of your chatty emails (thanks Copywriting Heroes) – Another $16,500 comes in.

Total New Client Revenue (ROAS) is $93,000

Each Client Lifetime Value (CLV) from First Funnel = estimated $3,875

(ROAS = Return on Ad Spend.)


You scale the system to $1 million revenue by advertising further “one service offers” and video-plus-text landing pages.  Naturally, you plan to add new accountants and cater for expanding office costs in your cash flow, but the great thing about advertising and selling online, is you can turn the ‘push marketing’ tap off during tax season. 

What Proven Method is Used to Get Maximum Results for your Leads and Sales?

Here’s another truth: most copywriters don’t research enough, or ask enough questions, before writing the client’s sales copy. So, they have no real idea if it will engage and tick off that magic list kept in their heads… or whether it will fall flat.

When you order the Copywriting Heroes Sales Funnel, we use the tried-and-proven formula called the RMBC Method, invented by a copywriter of salesletters (Stefan Geordi). We explain this below.

Girl reading research

Step 1: Research

Doing research is the strongest building block for any marketing. It’s where we find surprising insights about your target persona that neither of us expected.

This is also where we learn how they speak, their unique vernacular. And that’s how we vibe with the prospect – or if you’re over 30, how we connect with the prospect.

We find out:

  • Who is your ideal customer or client? Ensuring we include where they hang out and what their passions are.
  • For services, what type of service does the Ideal Client already use?
  • What other services could they want that can be delivered by you?
  • What does the target persona like about existing solutions?
  • What does the target persona dislike about existing solutions?
  • What are the pain points encountered for this topic?

Step 2: Develop a Unique Mechanism

Without this unique mechanism, i.e. service point of difference, the prospect simply goes off to find another competitor – one ‘nearest them’ or ‘cheapest’ or ‘a friend of a friend’.

A unique point of difference must give the prospective customer confidence, despite their past disappointments in this area. It explains the actual reason the person failed to reach their goals in the past, and how to fix their pain point, specifically, going forward.  

It’s a hot button to push that convinces a perfect stranger that this is the ideal solution for him or her. They want to talk to you right now – so they book into your calendar and look forward to that time.  (This is great for those of us who aren’t adept with sales).  

Step 3: Write the Brief for You

From all this information, we work up an ideal brief to write from. This ensures consistently great sales letter copy (webinar copy, sales page copy) that hits all the emotive points and desired outcomes, with reasonable claims.

Team writing

Step 4: Write the Sales Copy

This part has six sections and, although to you this seems very long, the formula used has been working for direct response marketers for the past 19 years and will continue to work long after the robots take all our jobs. We may decide together to put the script into a video format, but the structure remains the same.

Start thinking about what bonus report, video, coaching session or book you can offer. Advice on this is given from the start.

Sidenote: By the way, now that AI copy is here, let me assure you that any sales copy written for you is not done by AI (a bot) or an Indian sweatshop worker. It’s not that formulaic, nor is it that easy, because there are many engagement aspects to tick off.

Step 5: Revise and Optimise

In league with you, the client, we revise any copy that needs it and continue on to check the web pages and funnel set-up as the campaign ticks on.

Whereas other freelancers leave too early, we like to monitor and check that all the page elements look right, that the web traffic is opting in or contacting you as expected, and that you are happy as a client.

What do you get with a Heroes Sales Letter?

Here’s some of the secret sauce to our sales letters and VSL (video sales letter) copywriting.

As we said, RESEARCH and UNIQUENESS is a big part of the copy’s ability to engage with the right readers.

There is no stone left unturned and using our methods it takes about 10 hours to research, conceptualize and write a sales page or script, before design. This is besides our initial call.

Writing killer headlines is crucial to success, so we deliberate on this.

Some headlines will attract the right people, and this applies both to sales letters and VSLs – or any other funnel.

That’s why we choose from the copywriter bag of: ‘headache problem question’, ‘ego-boost statement’, and ‘beat the enemy’, along with many others that will out-pull on responses against ordinary service-type headlines.

You may even A/B test our headlines and core promise against any original sales page and leading ad. (If it doesn’t out-perform it by a 10% margin, then simply ask for a new concept to be written for free).

We write curiosity bullet points.   

Writing Curiosity Bullets to intrigue people into your instant video is a no-brainer. We also use these in the lead line of the copy, in advertisement creatives, in headlines, or when selling a special service.

We write credible email subject lines.

Subject lines that make your emails get opened WAY more than the dismal average – but also don’t put off those master’s degree-holding, BMW-driving potential clients.

We write awesome introductory emails as part of the funnel, ones that align with your values and other answers in the briefing call. Ones that are not too sales-y… but still get a good response rate after the first four are sent.

We gather amazing testimonials or reviews to use in the copy.

You know that social proof is paramount to sales conversion… so don’t be humble. We find and share testimonials gathered from Google Reviews, Directors’ LinkedIn profiles, your letters vault, etc…

We make the reader feel some pressure to make a decision now.

It’s not a ridiculous claim urgency, but it is enough to say, this offer is going away shortly… or, we only have three team members to service this offer, and so you better book in now.

Sales Funnel Copywriting Offer

Choose just Copywriting

If you want, we will just handle the copywriting part and include testimonial imagery. However, we would need to collaborate with the designers or marketers on the team.

If you'd like a Whole Sales Funnel

If you’re struggling with marketing implementation, getting a whole sales funnel set up is like a good dream. Then it’s just about testing each advertisement or LinkedIn messages. Tracking how many are enquiring. How many signing up for email? We take time each month to track & optimise this.

Post-funnel support to help you make the most of your marketing. 

90-day Guarantee

Your payment will be kept in the bank for three months. If during that time, you/your team put it all in place but didn’t get your money back + at least 10%, then please apply in writing (email) to the hello@ email address. It will be fully refunded. Elsewise, you could take to Trustpilot to take out your revenge… but we’d rather just give it back. 

Heroes Funnel & Marketing Plan
US $3,500
1 x briefing and goals session
2 x specific landing page copy (2,500 words each) & images – services or online products.
1 x video script adaptation
12 introductory and upsell email scripts and subject lines.
Your simple marketing plan, including automation and creative tools to use.
A landing page & thank-you page designed for you. Connection of emails given to your email system. 3 x ad creatives (delivered, ready to advertise) Post video edits of your personal video if needed Two rounds of client revisions on copy or ads Proofreading
Copywriting of Sales Letter
US $1,500
1 x briefing and goals session
1 x video script
1 x specific service sales copy (2,500 words), including testimonial image formation
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  • Jennifer has been crafting words for us over the years and always has made a great job of turning my ideas into easily understood, high converting prose. Thanks for the fast, efficient service once again.

    Jeff Wilson
    Bizz Design
  • Jennifer does more than edit my writing. As a first time writer, she gave me a lot of information that has made the process much smoother than it would otherwise have been, saving me time and money.

    Olejuru Lanfear
    Author, Function of Merchandise Planning
  • Jennifer is very helpful and reliable. Ready to help and improve by bringing out the best quality in the work. (Copywriting)

    Shingarai C. (Chigz)
    Founder, RideZoid


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